Unexpected Crushed Asphalt Projects

Unexpected Crushed Asphalt Projects

Unexpected Crushed Asphalt Projects

Crushed asphalt in Gainesville, Texas, is an environmentally friendly material that can help lower bid and cost prices for hot mix asphalt that delivers excellent performance in many applications. It is commonly utilized for a wide range of construction applications, but there are exciting possibilities for its use that escape the attention of many builders and designers.

Why use crushed asphalt?

Reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) is milled from existing asphalt structures, roadway destruction pavement rubble, or asphalt plant waste. Most people are surprised to discover that asphalt is the top recycled material in the United States, with about 100 million tons of asphalt materials reused in our country annually. The recycling process also uses other materials like used asphalt shingles and old tires, saving plenty of space in overcrowded landfills across the nation. RAP has been used widely for three decades and makes up around 12% of the volume of crushed asphalt mixtures produced in America.

Unlike cement, which undergoes chemical changes when mixed with water, the properties of asphalt binders allow it to change from liquid to solid and back to liquid based only on temperature changes. Therefore, crushed asphalt mixes and pavements can be removed after a long service life and be reprocessed, reheated, and used for new paving projects without additional raw materials. Furthermore, when applied correctly, RAP holds up impressively against snow, pooling, and flooding. In addition, snow melts off of it faster, and ice has difficulty forming on it. As a result, crushed asphalt is commonly used for parking lot and road construction services, including:

  • Paved road aggregate base, sub-base, and shoulders
  • Surfacing for gravel roads
  • Building foundation bases
  • Utility trench filler
  • Resurfacing roadways
  • Resurfacing parking lots

Crushed asphalt materials are affordable because they do not require the high level of resources needed for producing virgin asphalt materials. In addition, crushed asphalt requires less oil, labor, and work hours to install in any project, bringing down the cost significantly.

What other projects are great for crushed asphalt materials?

Asphalt surfaces are smooth and hard, making them ideal for various recreational applications. In addition, you can use crushed asphalt materials on steeper alignments without significant concerns for erosion issues. Also, research confirms that crushed asphalt paving made from recycled materials performs the same or better than pavement created with virgin asphalt materials.

While many playground surfaces are designed using recycled rubber or similar materials that provide extra cushion for falling, many recreational and playground surfaces are ideal for crushed asphalt, like tennis and basketball courts and walking trails. In addition, reclaimed asphalt performs effectively as a base layer for sidewalks in office parks, campuses, and residential neighborhoods.

Crushed asphalt is an excellent alternative to other materials in various applications. It is eco-friendly, cost-effective, versatile, and attractive. If you are looking for environmentally-friendly paving solutions, crushed asphalt in Gainesville, Texas, is the way to go. Contact us today for more information, and let us be your paving contractors!

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