Six Benefits of Tar and Chip Seal in Brownwood, TX

Six Benefits of Tar and Chip Seal in Brownwood, TX

Six Benefits of Tar and Chip Seal in Brownwood, TX

You can efficiently and cost-effectively extend the life of your asphalt pavement with a chip seal. If you are not familiar with chip sealing, it is an asphalt maintenance technique where contractors apply hot tar and stone chips to your existing asphalt pavement. Among its many benefits, the process helps control dust generated by traffic wear, extends the life of your paving, and provides better traction. Chip seals are a sealant layer applied to your asphalt to protect it against overall wear and tear, the sun's UV rays, cracking, weed growth, and water penetration. Chip seal applications offer various benefits.

Better skid resistance

One of the top benefits of chip sealing your paved surface is the added skid resistance it offers to reduce accidents. A properly applied chip seal reduces the amount of sliding a vehicle can do when suddenly stopping on a wet road surface. As a result, chip sealing helps decrease traffic injuries and fatalities that happen every year from cars sliding off the road.

Decreased need for resurfacing

When chip sealing is applied to your pavement at the proper time, its application will mean that your pavement will need less resurfacing work in the future. This is because chip sealing effectively fills in small potholes and cracks that have already developed on the surface of your pavement. In addition, tar and chip seal is also largely self-healing, so when new damages develop, it will continue to repair them over time, avoiding the need for long-term maintenance and repaving.

Reduced sound levels

Another excellent benefit of pavement chip sealing is that it can reduce road noise by up to 50%. Asphalt pavement, especially if it has small potholes and cracks, will generate more noise without chip sealing and accelerate the risk of a car losing control on an uneven surface.

Water penetration prevention

Another significant benefit of chip sealing is that it protects your pavement from water intrusion into the deeper asphalt layers. The process safeguards your pavement from surface water and promotes proper drainage to maintain a smooth ride for drivers and reduce the development of potholes.

Creates an anti-glare surface

One of the most significant benefits of a chip seal is that it creates an anti-glare surface. As a result, your asphalt is less reflective and decreases glare on your paved surface on sunny or bright days when it is chip sealed to reduce the strain on the driver's eyes when driving for long periods.

Less expensive than asphalt overlays

Another chip sealing benefit is that it is far less expensive than an asphalt overlay. As a result, chip seals are becoming more popular across many US states and cities because they are less costly. In addition, chip seals can extend the life of asphalt pavement by an average of 12 years and save money over the long term.

If you are interested in cost-effective paving solutions without sacrificing quality, tar and chip seal in Brownwood, TX, may be what you are looking for. Contact us today for a free estimate, and let us show you why we should be your paving contractors.


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