Five Recycled Asphalt Benefits for Your Paving Project

Five Recycled Asphalt Benefits for Your Paving Project

Five Recycled Asphalt Benefits for Your Paving Project

Recycling is a rising trend across today's environmentally conscious societies. The concept even caries over to asphalt paving, and asphalt is the most recycled material in America. But, if you have an upcoming paving project, you might wonder whether recycled asphalt is worth the investment. Our experts on crushed asphalt in Brownwood, TX, are here to help with a few of the many benefits provided by recycled asphalt for paving projects.

Reduced paving costs

Asphalt paving requires a significant investment, which can apply some stress to your bank account. However, using recycled asphalt aggregate instead of virgin asphalt materials can significantly reduce material costs. In addition, if you are milling your existing pavement instead of buying recycled asphalt from a supplier, then you will save even more money.

Strength and durability

Many property owners mistakenly believe that using recycled asphalt will shorten their pavement's lifespan. However, there is no marked difference in the longevity and durability of pavement, regardless of whether you use virgin asphalt or recycled asphalt for your paving project. Fortunately, asphalt millings are subjected to treatments before use that replenishes any lost oils and binding agents.

Provides tax benefits

Using recycled asphalt for your paving projects makes you eligible for tax benefits in many locations. These benefits are put in place to encourage people to consider environmentally friendly initiatives. Even when you do not directly receive the tax benefits, you can get additional discounts from your paving company when they are the benefit recipients.

Improves your company image

Using environmentally sustainable materials for your commercial paving project will positively impact your company's image, letting you present your brand as an environmentally conscious business. A small step like this can even provide you with the higher level of recognition you deeply crave in the form of awards and newspaper articles. In addition, using recycled asphalt can be a huge selling point for your business to an environmentally aware younger generation of consumers.

Benefits the environment

The most significant advantage of using recycled asphalt for your paving project instead of virgin asphalt is how your decision impacts the environment. By choosing to use recycled asphalt for your upcoming paving projects, you prevent the asphalt millings from your existing pavement from overloading landfills. In addition, asphalt is a petroleum-based product, so you are doing your part to preserve natural resources by using recycled asphalt materials instead of virgin materials, especially with the growing global demand for asphalt roadways and scarcity of natural resources.

These are just a portion of the benefits of using recycled asphalt for your paving project. With crushed asphalt in Brownwood, TX, you will see lower paving costs, comparable durability and strength, possible tax benefits, improved company image, and environmental benefits.

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