6 Things Property Managers Need to Know about Seal Coating

6 Things Property Managers Need to Know about Seal Coating

6 Things Property Managers Need to Know about Seal Coating

Establishing a regular maintenance schedule for a property's maintenance plan will boost visual appeal and extend the parking lot’s lifespan. This proactive approach to parking lot maintenance helps facility and property managers reduce potential liabilities and costs. The timing of maintenance and repairs is essential to avoid interfering with business, and pavement problems should be addressed immediately when drainage issues, cracks, and wear and tear become evident. Seal coating is one of the most critical elements of a maintenance plan for the pavement, with benefits that reduce costs and attract clientele. Our experts on fog seal in Decatur, Texas, offer the following things property managers need to know about seal coating.

It extends the life of the pavement

Depending on your lot’s level of traffic, you may want to install a program for pavement management, including seal coating services every 2 to 3 years. Seal coating is the most cost-effective method for property owners to protect their parking lot paving, leaving it with increased flexibility, fewer cracks, and more infrequent potholes. It also leaves it much easier to clean.

It reduces cracks and increases pavement flexibility

Inclement weather conditions like the freeze/thaw cycle and the weight of constant traffic cause asphalt to contract and expand, resulting in cracks. These cracks allow water and chemicals to penetrate the pavement's surface, allowing deterioration. Seal coating asphalt pavement helps prevent weather damage and increases pavement flexibility to expand the life of your paved surfaces, even under the heaviest traffic conditions.

It makes parking lots easier to clean

Another benefit of regular parking lot seal coating is that it makes asphalt surfaces easier to clean. Sweeping, pressure washing, and snow shoveling are more effective on parking lots that have been seal coated, making year-round maintenance and upkeep simple for anyone.

It increases gas and oil resistance

Seal coating services act as a barrier for gas and oil penetration. The coal tar used in the seal coating process is resistant to gas and oil spills, which can damage the unsealed pavement. Gas and oil on a parking lot structure is hazardous, even in small doses, and can result in accident or injury liability if a staff member or customer slips and falls.

It reduces exposure to UV rays and oxidation

Asphalt paving is made up of asphalt binder and rock, which can become brittle when exposed to oxidization and cause premature deterioration. However, seal coating maintenance protects asphalt from ultraviolet radiation and oxygen because it covers any surface voids to eliminate penetration.

It attracts prospective clients

Newly seal coated pavement has a deep, ebony appearance of freshly installed pavement that is noticeable to visitors and passersby. Proper parking lot maintenance will make a good impression and enhance your property’s curb appeal. Seal coating is an easy and affordable way to keep your pavement in excellent condition and attract new clients.

Sealing your parking lot is a simple way to enhance the appeal of your parking area and business. When completed with necessary crack sealing and repairs, you will slow the deterioration of your pavement significantly. Call us today about seal coating and fog seal in Decatur, Texas. We want to be your paving contractors.

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