6 FAQs about Fog Sealing

6 FAQs about Fog Sealing

6 FAQs about Fog Sealing

Are you looking for an affordable way to restore your asphalt surfaces? Do you notice damage to your existing asphalt but know you are not ready for a replacement? Fog sealing may be the perfect solution for you. This process uses a slow-setting asphalt emulsion to restore the flexibility of an existing asphalt surface, which promotes longevity and prevents damages. These are a few things you should understand about fog seal in Wichita Falls, Texas.

What is fog sealing?

Let’s start with the basics. Fog seal is a coating of asphalt emulsion, which is a mixture of asphalt, water, rubber, and grit. This is a mixture that only specialized technicians can create for their contracting business, but it is effective in restoring the binding of your surface. It protects your asphalt from oxidation, which also extends the lifespan of the entire pavement with a low-cost solution.

How do you apply fog seal?

Fog seal is applied with a spray method. Before spraying the surface, the crew will thoroughly clean the surface by removing any debris, dust, or dirt. Then, they will apply the fog seal to entire surface, ensuring full coverage. It is important to wait until the surface is fully dry before you can open up your roadways to traffic and pedestrians once again.

Why is my street being fog sealed?

It is likely that your street may need some basic maintenance to prolong its life. Those who care for your streets have recognized this and deemed fog sealing as the appropriate solution. Fog seal will also prevent water from damaging your surface, which is common when your asphalt is already showing some basic disrepair.

Can I apply fog seal in the rain?

No. Fog sealing should only be done in dry conditions. It should also be warm enough for the fog seal to fully set and dry, which requires the temperatures to be at least 59 degrees. If there is a threat of any precipitation, the project should be delayed until the weather conditions are clear.

What happens to nearby trees and shrubs?

It is recommended that you remove any overhanging trees or shrubs from the roadway. By removing them before fog sealing, you prevent any damages that could eventually lead to tree death or issues. Often times, you will be contacted by your city or township to take care of any trees on your property before your street is fog sealed.

How long does fog seal take to dry?

When the weather conditions are ideal, or at least 59 degrees, it should only take 6 to 8 hours to fully dry. If the day is slightly cooler or the roadways are mostly in shaded areas, it can take slightly longer.

These are just a few things you should understand about fog seal in Wichita Falls, Texas. If you are looking for specialists that provide fog sealing, take a look at Paving Contractors LLC. Our team is here to help with any of your pavement needs.

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