Getting to Know Tar and Chip Seal Paving

Getting to Know Tar and Chip Seal Paving

Getting to Know Tar and Chip Seal Paving

Tar and chip seal pavement is a beautiful alternative to paving your private road or driveway with traditional asphalt. Tar and chip seal in Fort Worth, TX, offers more color and texture choices for paved surfaces than conventional asphalt paving. The construction process for the two are very similar too.

What is tar and chip paving?

Tar and chip seal paving is also called macadam, liquid asphalt and stone paving, seal chip, and chip-and-seal. Creating tar and chip drives is easy as long as you have the right equipment to do it. The process begins with creating an initial roadbed that is filled with a gravel base layer once completed. A hot layer of liquid asphalt is then applied over the gravel base to hold it in place. Then, the liquid asphalt is layered with the stones of your choice and pressed into the hot liquid with a blacktop roller. Finally, loose stones that did not get pressed into the asphalt are brushed away with a sweeper. Existing pavement or roadbed can be finished with the tar and chip seal technique as long as it is still in good condition.

Tar and chip benefits

The main benefit of tar and chip drives is that they are as durable and robust as asphalt paving but at lower prices. They offer a variety of color choices while still providing a solid, sturdy finish. Unlike more common paving projects, the stone retains its natural color since the aggregate is not directly mixed with asphalt. The process makes it easy to match the color of buildings or blend in with the surrounding environment. Standard color selections for tar and chip seal include slate brown, granite, beige river rock, white, or pink rock.

Another great benefit of tar and chip drives is that they require virtually no maintenance, unlike asphalt, which requires sealcoating every 2 to 3 years. In addition, the stone surface provides excellent skid resistance and tire traction. Their rough texture is fantastic for climates that are known for bad winter weather. They also do not absorb the same level of heat from the sun in hotter climates as dark-colored asphalt does. These benefits make tar and chip paved surfaces perfect for farm roads and residential driveways.

Built to last

Depending upon daily use, the weight of vehicles traveling on the surface, and the number of layers applied to the base; you can expect a tar and chip drive to last an average of 7 to 10 years. Though this is far less of a life expectancy than traditional asphalt surfaces, it is essential to remember that tar and chip seal requires far less maintenance to maintain.

Don’t forget!

If snow is expected in your area, never use a scrape or plow for snow removal because they will cause the stone layer to loosen from the asphalt and damage your paving investment.

Your private road or driveway is the first thing people encounter on your property. Small details like paving choices are easily overlooked during landscape planning, but your property can benefit from more attention and care. Tar and chip paving options can help you avoid the dust and mud that comes with gravel and raise the value of your property.

Contact us today for more information on tar and chip seal in Fort Worth, TX. Our experience and expertise can help you build the driveway or private road you never knew you needed.

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