Frequently Asked Questions About Seal coating

Frequently Asked Questions About Seal coating

Frequently Asked Questions About Seal coating

Being smart about maintaining your facility should not be limited to just the inside of your building. Understanding the process and cost of maintaining your asphalt surfaces can help you avoid paying too much or having a company perform the services in a less-than-professional manner. In addition, this knowledge gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are a well-informed consumer. Experts offer these answers to frequently asked questions about seal coating commercial asphalt surfaces.

What if the cost is too reasonable to be true?

Deciding to accept the first low-cost bid that comes your way can be a grave mistake that can cost you extra money in the future. Always make sure that any company you use for asphalt seal coating services is reliable, experienced, and has a good reputation. It can be helpful to ensure that they have a well-developed website, a local address, and plenty of references from satisfied customers. Getting multiple bids and researching each company thoroughly will benefit you in the long run. Besides, it is no secret that you often get exactly what you pay for.

Do I need to sealcoat every year?

You absolutely should not seal coat your asphalt surfaces yearly. Asphalt surfaces should be seal coated within 6 to 12 months of installation and then every 2 to 3 years after that. Many companies may want you to believe that you need to seal coat your surfaces yearly so they can make extra money off you, but seal coating too often can cause damage that leads to costly repairs.         

Is it best to seal coat asphalt in the summer?

It is not best to seal coat asphalt in extremely high temperatures. Seal coating in temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit will cause the sealant to dry too fast, causing peeling, flaking, or streaking in the finished product. If seal coating has to be done in extremely high temperatures, it is standard for the paving contractor to lightly mist the asphalt surface with water to cool it before applying seal coating. This practice can cool the asphalt surface quickly and effectively. Seal coating is best completed in temperatures between 60- and 90-degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I just seal coat the asphalt myself?

Seal coating asphalt without the assistance of a professional paving contractor is a pricey undertaking. It often costs more than you would pay a professional, and the results are usually less than thrilling. DIY sealant, sold by the bucket, will cost up to 5 times more at retail stores than if it were provided by a professional service and lacks the highest quality that professional contractors can provide. In addition, seal coating tools sold in retail stores are often costly and lack the quality to do the job right.

Not to mention you must adequately clean that asphalt surfaces before installation, and a residential use leaf blower cannot perform the same as a professional-grade washer and blower. Your time and labor will be far more than that of a professional, and any mistakes you make may end up requiring professional repairs anyway. Using a professional for seal coating in Fort Worth, TX, will likely only end up costing a little bit more than it will for you to seal coat your asphalt surfaces on your own, without any risks. You are also much more likely to be satisfied with the results with professional service than if you do it on your own because you have no prior experience.

If maintained regularly, asphalt surfaces can last an average of 30+ years. A paving professional can help you develop a successful strategy to keep your pavement maintained. Spending a bit of extra money now will save you money, stress, and time in the future.

Contact us today to learn more about seal coating in Fort Worth, TX. We are here to make the process as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

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