4 Benefits of Crushed Asphalt VS Stone Gravel

4 Benefits of Crushed Asphalt VS Stone Gravel

4 Benefits of Crushed Asphalt VS Stone Gravel

Crushed asphalt or asphalt milling is the process of grinding down and removing the outermost layer of an existing asphalt surface. Crushed asphalt is often utilized to prevent drainage troubles and keep pavement from becoming too tall from repeated resurfacing. In addition, the asphalt milling process will help restore the function and aesthetic of your existing asphalt paved surfaces.

Asphalt is one of the most recycled materials in America. Asphalt materials removed during the milling process are often reused for additional paving projects at a cost reduction. In addition, crushed asphalt is weather-resistant and more inexpensive than other materials used in the paving industry.

A professional experienced with the use of crushed asphalt in Fort Worth, TX, can help you determine if your paved surfaces will benefit from the milling process. Paving experts offer these 4 reasons to choose crushed asphalt over stone gravel surfaces.


Crushed asphalt will strengthen the surface of a roadway or parking lot because recycled asphalt hardens over time. In addition, asphalt millings will save you big money in the long run because there is little need for resurfacing, refinishing, or replacement like there is with stone gravel. Crushed asphalt also withstands weather-related elements in harsher climates.


Crushed asphalt can withstand the abuse of ice, snow, and colder temperatures due to its durable materials. It is harder for ice to form and easier for snow to melt when asphalt milling materials are used in pavement. This weather-resistant paving material offers extended life to all of your paved surfaces when compared with stone gravel.

Low Cost

Because crushed asphalt is a recycled material, its cost is much lower than the brand-new paving materials used for stone gravel. In addition, you end up paying much less because asphalt millings are simply crushed-up materials from other asphalt paving projects.

Easier on the environment

Did you know that some asphalt paving projects can qualify you for tax credits? In some locations, commercial parking lots that use a certain percentage of recycled asphalt materials qualify you for tax breaks. In addition, the use of crushed asphalt lowers the demand for precious natural resources compared to stone gravel. Asphalt milling puts less stress on the environment than traditional gravel because most of the materials used are recycled.

And if you still aren’t sure...

Stone gravel gets scattered around over time, reducing the depth of your driving surface because it does not stay in place. This can be highly noticeable when potholes are filled with gravel. In addition, stone gravel drives are known for developing ruts and being extremely difficult to plow during winter. In warmer seasons, gravel is known for kicking up significant levels of debris and dust that often send you running for the nearest car wash.

Contact us today for more information on the use of crushed asphalt in Fort Worth, TX. Our experience and expertise can help you choose the best materials for paving in your area and your specific situation. We are here to make the paving process as easy and effective as possible.

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